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Still Alive

It has been a longass time.  For the past, like, uh... five months now, I've been living in Tokyo, studying exclusively Japanese. Whether this is for a job back in the US, or (quite possibly) the beginnings of me becoming an expat, I don't know. But, whatever it is, I'm definitely aiming for fluency. Albeit with short trips now and then back to the US, I'm most likely going to be spending most of the next year or so in Japan. If not much longer.

Either way... Having been Japanese-lifestyle-doing for a while, it occurred to me recently that I could probably fortify AGD with a frankly alarming amount of detail. But it also came with the realization that, as someone always hopelessly in pursuit of realism, a fair amount of what I've written would be due for a severe amount of recursive changes. This makes me feel excited and very discouraged—which is pittari the essence of the whole damn series. lol `\_(ツ)_/`

So idk, guys—I might not even have time to write. And also, my English suffers horribly; for months, I've been speaking either straight-Japanese or kinda excruciating Japanglish pretty much all day. (My family makes fun of my English when I call home.) (By the way, there's a whole genus of Japanglish humor that should be absolutely banned from ever happening.) But... You might get a post out of me here or there. Even if it turns out to be a grammar smoothie, I'll try. It's the trying that counts, bro.

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Great to hear things are going well for you over there.

Yo, thanks! Long time no talk, eh?

aaa, it lives!

glad to know you're having a good time in japan. i've always thought your japanese was かなり堪能 from the start, though i'm sure it's gotten better. and i totally feel you with the english thing...being multilingual is confusing as fuck and nobody gives us enough credit.

i certainly hope you can find the time to work on agd in all this mess; i've been following your story since it was only at chapter 2 (that must've been like 2 years ago, at least?? ......あらあらっ。) your english seems pretty fine to me, and doing more english-language writing (agd or otherwise) would be a good way to get back into the swing of the language/ensure you don't get even more rusty.

i hope you don't abandon the series, (it'd suck considering how much time you've put into it, too) but it's totally understandable either way. real life has this way of draining your time and energy like some weird, cosmic-vampire. anyway, good luck with your ventures in fluency. 頑張って!!

...holy crap, I'm so sorry. I saw your comment, I swear.


(うおっ、丁寧体が急になくなっちゃって。敬語 −−> ふざけんな)


ADDENDUM: It occurs to me that, kono joutai de, somebody who could understand Japanglish to your gurai would make for a beautiful AGD sounding board... もし興味があったら、ぜひお願いします。それに...特に私が覚えているanonさんだったら、agdのこととなると、たぶん、私よりanonさんの方が詳しい気がしますwww...もちろん書いた人は私だとしても、何が書いたっけ本当によく覚えていないし、agdの読者じゃない私、agdの作り方との関係が深すぎる私にはsurface-level summaryっつーのはできませんから。

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Re: ...holy crap, I'm so sorry. I saw your comment, I swear.

それでいいよ! 「どんな言語使ってもなかなかできませんでした...」同情するね〜笑。words are hard.

livejournalを持っていたが、メールとパスワードを忘れた。とにかく、新しいアカウントを作成した。じゃ· · ·よろしくね!!




Words are hard. HA, of course my extracurricular AGD prompt series would be named 'Word.'

うわ、大変。Imagine if that happened to me with this account. Actually, しないようにしたほうがいいだろ。フルフル

I THOUGHT SO...! Hさん以外にコメントしたanonsもいるけど、日本語が通じているのはHさんしかいないとおもう。まあ、それは本当かどうかわかりゃしない。(笑)

よろしくお願いします、Hさん。And I may take you up on that. (光栄と言われてちゃっと恥ずかしいけど the author, it is permanently unspecial to me. lol)

Any particular form of communication that is most savory? Email? PM? Some form of IM?
(And of course, there's the shout box thing ( Yahoo! status ), if you want to get a hold of me stupidly fast with zero commitment.)

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Re: ...yep, futsuutai. (EDITING COMMENTS IS LIKE A DISEASE.)


and whatever works best for you ^_^ however, ちょっと引っ込み思案ので、PMing is easier for me than on-the-spot conversations. i'm terribly awkward, no matter the language (。・・。)

いずれにせよ、aside from being a fluidity sounding board, it occurs to me that i could also give you some insight into japan's mental health industry, since i have personal experience n' shit. you seem to have a pretty firm grasp, but i just thought i'd offer..

so yeah, feel free to message me about whatever, i'll help in any way i can!

English Has Arrived in Body, Spirit Yet to Follow (HOLY CRAP MORE EDITING)

  • ズルいよぉwww...おいおい、those were divided between two replies. T.T 勘弁してくれや
    One was in response to your comment in Word, XXXI. So it's more like 4 notifications per comment. BETTER. (And also, part of that was I pressed enter when the browser wasn't focused inside the form... Twice. It was like マジでっ??)

  • Duly noted. Comfortable is best. I totally get the awkward thing (if my OCD comment-editing didn't tip you off—lol), and I myself am hardly a stranger to bouts of reasonably profound introversion.

    ...Although, I will say that, should you change your mind about on-the-spot conversations, I really don't bite. I am in fact, really, really easily impressed, easily amused, fascinated by everybody, and extremely hard to irritate. (My friends actually had something of a longstanding goal to try to find some way to irritate me.) Whenever I receive an "anon" shout out or instant message—even if it's trollin'—I am pretty much beside myself with delight. You could literally send me just an ampersand, or like three parentheses, or even something inflammatory, and I'd be smiling stupid for an appreciable amount of time. つまり、最初っっっから、you would have already exceeded my expectations.

  • That'd be great. I know a fair bit about the American mental industry, but Japan...? I've just been making arbitrary extensions and kinda praying it holds up. lol—as detailed-oriented as I can get, I am somehow too lazy to research. This is an interesting life.

  • Thank you for your offer. And don't let me peer-pressure you. PMs work.

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