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Ch. 6 Illustration

[CLICK IMAGE FOR CONTEXT]   I have no idea whether Urahara has ever used 〜たまえ in canon, but I personally feel that it sounds manly and righteous, which is his general vibe in the scene. Plus, serious!Urahara using plain speech is sort of intimidating anyway, and the way Miki Shinichiro's voice drops off at あえ/あい diphthongs also helps the cause.

The sketch was based on an old pen sketch I had in this MOTHERFUCKING PILE, a.k.a. my AGD notes. Holy tacos, no wonder I've been so reluctant about touching AGD after my overall hiatus. And let us note that the above is actually only my paper notes. I also have a 124.7MB, 224-file AGD folder on this laptop and another large AGD folder on my old laptop. Obscene.


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