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Holy crap.
It's been over a year  since I last posted to this thing.

And, well fuck, I've been living in Tokyo for almost two years. (My English has gotten a little... Well, it suffers in a way that people back in the US comment. lol)

I don't really know what compelled me to post to LJ (it's like 今更何でだろうな) but... HEY. SUP. Who's still going strong here? I'm curious.

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i lurk across various spans of lj occasionally; namely for a few users who post interesting content, such as yourself—although i had figured that you'd just gotten distracted with other shit and just, like, forgotten your password or something. i am not the type to comment on most things, but i have been following you across various websites since...2011, or so? dunno. aah, that sounds fuckin' creepy. すまーん. but i am a fan of good writing and a fan of linguistics and you have the tendency to make a great variety of keen observations and other such things (??) (英語で「そんなもの」ってはなんだっ). it's kinda rare for me to find people who seem to frame the world in a manner so similar to mine, so when you post i just sort of absorb your words with my own brand of quiet appreciation for their existence.

Really sorry I didn't get to this earlier. My unattended inbox is basically a lair.

You know, my first response to this was beastly long, scattered with parentheses and really backwards ちゃんぽん and anecdotes and attempts to be perhaps funny and nostalgic, but it was running away from me and didn't feel right.

Because I think, what I mainly wanted to get across was just that your comment makes me feel happy. Really happy.

I've been having a difficult time recently—more difficult than I'd ever care to admit—but you know, reading a comment like this, it's like... It's okay. このまんまでも。I don't need anything else right now; I think I'm good.

...It's not easy to comment like that at all, and それ自体はな?It... makes it more meaningful than you know. So thanks. Thanks for taking the time to cast yourself out there.

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