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Maybe I should look into parkour.

It only occurred to me recently that it might not be so normal to just vault over things to avoid walking around them. I mean, I'm in my own world most of the time, and I've done shit like that for as long as I remember (in elementary school, I used to, uh... scale the walls of narrow hallways to the ceiling using tension (I'm sure I grieved some people), and in the general history of my schooling, I would very often do the vault/side-slide thing over railings and particularly broad tables). So as far as I'm concerned, it's not all that strange, and it's not like it requires my full awareness or a mental declaration of commitment.

(I do have an appreciable amount of half-awareness, though, in regard to situations where the Time-Save Vault might not be appropriate, and I can exercise restraint accordingly.)

...I forget what I'd been Youtubing exactly—think it was sword fights, then stunt people, then the running-up-the-wall backflip—but I came across 'parkour.' And I was like... 'Man, this shit's extreme.' But then I realized that some of that I would probably do if I could, and I had the "Aha" moment in which I realized I was absolutely fucking nuts. But—as someone who has never really been normal, the norm-related self-deprecation lasted all of one second, replaced with a more progressive "Cool story bro; is there some parkour thing I can sign up for?"

Exercise would be more interesting that way, I think.

Mostly unrelated things:   (1) I finally got around to watching Gangnam Style. Obscenely catchy, and there are some very... nice-looking people who look very nice dancing in that video.   (2) I got my first non-white-person haircut. Although it might not be immediately apparent to people who see me, I am kind of Asian, and quite apparently, Asian barbers and Asian haircuts work better for me. Who woulda thunk it.   (3) This election is depressing (and I am not fond of politics), but looking at Politifact's Truth-o-meter is relatively addicting, and I find Jon Stewart very entertaining—actually, to the extent that I would like to be Jon Stewart. Not 'be like.' Be.

(Or if that's a no-go, I'd like to be the collective existence of the Jabbawockeez.)


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